Survival Course

Learn basic Vietnamese vocabularies and conversation in some neccesary situation such as direction, ordering food/ drinks or tableware… It is always helpful for you to survive in a new country, even nowadays you can take an Uber, Grab, …


Vietnamese for Beginner

This course is suitable for anyone who have never studied Vietnamese or only know very few vocabularies. We focus on listening comprehension and verbal communication.We use fun materials and activities…


Elementary Course

After collecting basic vocabularies at many different topics and conversations of daily situations from the beginner Vietnamese course, you can improve to build speech as you want. Through creating speech, describing, sharing life stories…


Pre-Intermediate Course

Something usually happen in your daily life, and you wish to be able to express again with your friends in Vietnamese or explain for them how to do those in your way. You prefer enjoying and using everything around as true Vietnamese people like to…


Intermediate Course

If you are quite confident with your basic communication in Vietnamese, and would like to learn more Vietnamese regarding special fields like economic, tourism, history, culture, business Vietnamese…,


Advanced Course

You might hear a lot of people said that “Your Vietnamese is excellent!” But sometime you feel not enough as you still can not catch meaning of speech from a native speaker or dialogues between …


Vietnamese Practicing Event

We are welcome you to participate in our practicing Vietnamese activities such as Vietnamese Club, Thursday coffee Morning, Vietnamese Workshop…If you are interested in these, feel free to …


Vietnamese Culture Event

Almost all expats living in Vietnam would like to learn more not only the language but also our culture. We have been organizing many different culture events to share you such as Tet Party, Mid – Autum Festival, …



Phan Hinh

Language Master Degree in 2014, Economic Bachelor Degree in 2011, 8 years experience in Vietnamese Teaching and Language Teacher Training.

Nguyen My Tam

Literature Master Degree in 2005, love to make friends and help expats to learn Vietnamese and understand more Vietnamese Culture.

Le Thanh Thu

Vietnamese Studies Bachelor Degree in 2014, 3 years experience in Vietnamese Teaching.

Dang Thi Thuy

Vietnamese Studies Bachelor Degree in 2014, 4 years experience in Vietnamese Teaching.

Nguyen Xuan Hoang

Birthday: 1985, Graduated at University in 2007. He is kind, talented and patient teacher.

Nguyen Thu Quyen

Speak fluently Japanese, love Yosakoi dancing. 1 year experience in Vietnamese teaching, 2 year experience in Japanese teaching.

Nguyen Thi Ha

A gentle teacher, good at Japanese language. She said “I will not leave when my student still confuses anything”.

Phan Bich Hong

Graduated from University in 2015, prefer participating in collective activities. My personal motto: “Living is serving, not only getting our own”.


Dang Ha Trang

I am very enthusiastic about reading, and the knowledge and perspective that my reading gives me has strengthened my teaching skills and presentation abilities.

Pham Phuong

Graduated in 2014 from the educational psychology department of Education Management Academy. 3 years experience of teaching. Love to discover human’s psychology.

Nguyen Thuy Linh

English Major Bachelor Degree from Hanoi University in 2015. I love to help you not only in Vietnamese language but also in participating in our culture and community!

Duong Thi Lan

Education Bacherlor Degree in 2016, 2 year experience in teaching language using fun activities and games.


Graduated from Danang University.  I have experience in teaching English with non-traditional
methods. Trying my best to bring you the best lessons ever is a must as my objective. I have a lot
of chances to meet people all around the world to explore the diversity of cutures. I'm confident


Graduated from University of Foreign Language Studies – The University of Danang. I am well –
trained from CILD natural Method of teaching Vietnamese as the second language. My motto is
“think positively, talk nicely, and be greatful for life”.


Completed English Studies course at Danang University of Foreign Language Studies. 3- year
experience in teaching. Well- trained with CILD natural method of teaching Vietnamese. I am
gald to help all of expats friends to participate in Vietnamese language as well as community!


Graduated from Danang University, Well- trained with CILD natural method of Vietnamese
teaching. I am able to speak many different Vietnamese accents like Sounth voice, North Voice,
Danang Voice, Hue Voice…I am passionate on language learning and teaching!



Monday – Sunday
Local: Hà Nội – Đà Nẵng

– 01 person Lesson: 250 000vnd /per hour
– 02- 04 people Lesson: 150 000vnd / per hour / per person
– More than 04 people Lesson: Please contact

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I studied with CILD for 5 months. My teacher with CILD was kind, patient, and intuitive. She knew exactly when to move on and when to press harder. CILD is a HUGE asset to your language learning. 5 stars from me!

Blake Nichols

I have been learning Vietnamese with CILD for almost 9 months. Before studying with CILD, I had tried a few different approaches including a one on one language tutor, grammar textbooks, and just trying to pick it up from people around me. I felt frustrated and stuck and wasn’t making any progress. However, when I started studying with CILD, I felt very comfortable and was able to make progress in a short time.

Michelle Beard

f you’ve given up hope on learning Vietnamese, then give CILD a try. I speak from experience. I’ve been studying Vietnamese with CILD for just a few months and my understanding of the language has progressed further that my previous 2 years of fairly intensive study.

Mike Beard

One of the best things about CILD is the foundation that it gives you to continue learning Vietnamese after your lessons have ceased. The more you use what you have learned, the more you will learn from those in your community–your market lady, your xe om driver, and your Vietnamese friends.

Melanie Rountree

Some of my friends have struggled to find the right tutor/language helper partially because they felt like the person really didn’t care whether or not they actually learned to speak/listen well. I always felt like it was just as or more important to Hinh that I learned to speak and listen correctly, both in skill as well as being culturally proper.

Renee Robitaille

In Hà Nội, it is very easy to find people who want to help you learn Vietnamese. Finding people who have a well-conceived method and structured plan, who are also prepared and dedicated, is another story all together. For these reasons, CILD and the services they provide are an invaluable resource for any foreigner hoping to learn Vietnamese

Dustin Lewis

I can’t say enough about my Vietnamese learning experience with CILD! My language tutor understands my pace and then challenges me when I need it and encourages me when I feel like I hit a wall. It is specialized and personalized for your learning style!!! I feel like I’m learning so much in such a short time! I look forward to my lessons everyday!

Ang shih

I have loved learning with CILD so far. My friends comment how good my Vietnamese is getting after only 8 or so lessons. CILD works and best of all, the teachers come to your house! Highly recommend.

Kelsey Stark